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product or brand to

InQbate was born

The Story

Peppina has been around since the 1960s and is actively involved in innovation, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of brands. We consider ourselves experts in the nutraceutical market and over the past decade we have grown our manufacturing capabilities to supply over 300 OTC products to our valued customers. Over the years we have built capabilities that can take a product or brand from concept to shelf, and everything in between and so Peppina lnQbate was born.

At Peppina InQbate we give support and aid to the development of products and brands in the nutraceutical market. We take inspiration from gaps in the market, exciting trends and potential opportunities or we can take your ideas and incubate them to make them a reality.

You have to have a good plan in place

The Approach

Product Innovation and development

The development of nutraceutical products and brands. Anything from concept to final product on shelf.

Line extensions and product development

Adding new lines or products to existing brands for our customers.

Current selective services

Concept development


Sourcing of raw materials and packaging
(Manufacturing customers only)

Packaging design
(Aligned with SAHPRA guidelines)

The End

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